tv challenge [2/?] actresses → LENA HEADEY

"Is shaving a third of your leg because you have to wear cropped pants considered REALLY lazy or just economical?"

+lena headey;  +aka cutie pie;  +the bottom left is so adorable bc her hair looked like that for the purge and I WATCHED THE PURGE AND IT WAS GROSS BUT LENA WAS FAB;  

+tbt when your mom tried to kill you;  +cathy dollganger;  +flowers in the attic;  +kiernan shipka;  +ellen burnstein;  

my followers: oh fuck not another fandom please god no WHY

At least Chris answered this differently than the first time.

+wyatt nash;  +petals on the wind;  +bailey buntain;  +chris dollanganger;  +carrie dollganger;  +ugh this movie is so fucked up;  

dollanganger series + tropes

+flowers in the attic;  +petals on the wind;  +ellen burstyn;  +bailey buntain;  +kiernan shipka;